Truly Non-GMO Organic Agriculture Products

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Truly Non-GMO Organic Agriculture Products

June 08, 2019

The abundance of GMO products is a global problem of the century. Nowadays it can be a problem finding fresh and non-genetically modified food in our stores and markets.

However, there are countries preserving natural and organic agriculture products, and Belarus is among them. Only 1 % of the products in Belarusian supermarkets and shops contain genetically modified organisms. And this is one of the lowest non-GMO percentages in the world.

So, Belarus can reasonably be called a leader among non-GMO product providers globally.

To secure such effective results, the government pays special attention to the problem undertaking numerous measures. More than 18 laboratories are functioning all over the country checking the products for GMO-content.

According to the Belarus law, the whole scope of products containing soy and popcorn are subject to non-GMO testing, as statistically these products are generally modified all over the world

Creation of non-GMO industry is a complicated task and a long process, and Belarusian government is accomplishing it successfully.

Exceptional level of agriculture in Belarus makes the country very attractive for investors. Those who want to invest in non-GMO products can be safe. The government of Belarus makes everything to keep products organically pure. The Belarusian market is protected against genetically modified products much stricter than wherever else. If a manufacturer uses genetically modified organisms such production shall be marked appropriately. Otherwise the company is due to pay a heavy fine. Besides, criminal liability is prescribed by the law in case of a repeated violation.

The demand for non-GMO products is only to rise every year, and the market of non-GMO industry is growing very fast. This happens because more and more people seek for healthy and organically pure food. For this reason, currently agriculture experts are expecting the non-GMO products to expand worldwide.

So, a growing number of investors want to develop export of this type of products and add more highly demanded products to their list.

Summing up, investing in non-GMO multi billion industry has low risk and high ROI especially in Belarus – the leader of non-GMO product providers – where non-genetically modified organic agriculture products are the question of state policy and guaranteed by government protection.