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Data Center Franchise as a Prosperous Investment Perspective

June 08, 2019

With ever-increasing workloads and the risk of cyber attacks and disruption, robust, scalable data center infrastructure is key to meeting the demands of an innovative, always-on world. More and more businesses move their valuable data in the Cloud for safer and more convenient processing and corporate availability. Besides, data processing doubles every year.

All this makes creation of modern data centers in Belarus vital and ever demanded by business from all over the world. And the advantageous geographical position of Belarus guarantees the success in this initiative in terms of foreign clients’ interest.

Nowadays all the plain IT technologies are transforming to the cloud ones. In this respect Belarus is ready for thousands of Data Centers to be built and to support European economy with low cost cloud services, which is extremely important for startups and small businesses. The country has favorable conditions for that from any point.

First of all we should mention low electricity costs. This is very profitable compared to other countries of Europe in terms of launching such businesses as mining, Data Centers where high electricity consumption is involved. Secondly, the climate is most proper, too. It has low temperatures enough for cooling the equipment all year round. Thirdly, the proximity of the European IT market leads to a solid client potential. Another advantage is the low human resources expenses. Qualified staff will cover the same scope of work for reasonable money. And finally, the most attractive of all is the direct government support with low-tax policy and other profits.

So, Belarus is one of the best places to invest in such stable IT projects as Data Center creation.

We encourage Investors to build Data Centers close to European borders in order to gain stable income for hundreds of years with contracts being quickly signed up and the services being willingly demanded.