Europe Scale Distribution and Logistics Center

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Europe Scale Distribution and Logistics Center

June 20, 2019

Current situation in Belarus can easily be called as industrial and construction boom. Quickly growing economy of the country sets the need for road and infrastructure development. At the same time, government-supported industrial areas and transit route network of the Silk Way – from China to Europe through Belarus – shows the urgency for the creation of a Europe scale Distribution and Logistics center for foreign and local companies. And it is expected to be built shortly.

Belarus is one of the best geographic places for such a European Distribution Center to emerge. Europe needs central and regional warehouses where goods from suppliers and manufacturers can be gathered for further packaging in a retail distribution network, regional warehouse network, or transit supply turnover.

This means that the newly created Distribution Center can ever be attractive both for companies based in Belarus and worldwide. For investors, in their turn, this situation provides the opportunity for multimillion long-term investments with yearly dividends.

The companies only win, too. Loads of goods arrive in Belarus both as transit, and for local consumption every day. In order to sort and deliver them to their destinations, the companies can use the services of the Distribution Centre. It can be very convenient and not too expensive because a number of factors.

First of all, innovative technologies will allow the Centre to operate 24/7 with almost all the processes to be fully automated. Secondly, it can provide saving staff costs because the number of workers involved could be reduced. And finally, the smart planning system could route each order in the quickest and most customized way to provide the whole range of services from warehouse to destination.

They include goods acceptance, processing and sorting of products, sticking of the individual package and the product itself, localization, packaging, repacking, co-packing, storage, quality control. Shipment can be executed with FIFO, FEFO, lots and other strategies.

As you can see the Distribution and Logistics center shall have everything to meet European standards. And since the widely spread system of units, it can be convenient for any location no matter the route is.

Besides, the proximity to the logistics centre must also attract such a great-scale project of Belarus as Great Stone industrial park with its multiple manufactories, China-originated companies and other residents. The Park is now being created 25 miles from Minsk, and its residents will use any available distribution means like highways, railways and air links to deliver their goods to the customers.

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