Fast Developing Real Estate Market of Belarus

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Fast Developing Real Estate Market of Belarus

June 16, 2019

The Real Estate market in Belarus has been stable for the past 5 years with continuous growing tendency. It is especially inviting for those who want to invest in constantly developing business thanks to special tax conditions and almost double profit for a number of reasons.

The economy of Belarus is quickly developing, and sometimes it lacks adequate resources to cover all the needs for currently implemented projects.

On the other hand, the number of citizens who can be classified as middle-class representatives is increasing every year. And finally, neighbourship with high-tech Great Stone industrial park, Silicon Valley and other projects is very attractive to businessmen from all over the world, foreign tourists and newcomers. Of course, all of them need accommodation, and all these factors lead to progress steadily of the real estate market.

All this makes the real estate services demanded and attracting more investors worldwide.

Foreign Investors are welcome to buy and sell property with no limits or regulations. The taxes are very low compared to many other countries, whereas the rent fees are growing every year and are currently equal to those of Toronto market.

Besides, big cities are growing very fast. You can judge yourself. With growing population of 10% every year, Minsk is the one of the best cities to invest. Of course, such population increase is followed by housing boom.

The City of Grodno is another example of potential successful investment. It is located close to Poland and Germany and attracts European buyers willing to purchase luxury houses.

Bearing it in mind and investing at the early construction stages, or buying from a builder increases ROI by 50%. So, we can now speak about double dividends in case of timely decision to invest.

To sum it up, low taxes are one of the key benefits for real estate, and Belarus has been able to accomplish that in a very efficient way. Thanks to low taxation the rent fees are very stable and growing every year. At the same time, the property prices for buyers are steadily growing.

So, comparing to other countries, the extremely low property, land and capital gains taxes are what makes Belarus #1 Country to invest in Real Estate today.