Great Stone Industrial Park

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Great Stone Industrial Park – a Silk Way from China to Europe through Belarus

June 19, 2019

Great Stone is the largest industrial park in Europe which is being developed by China in Belarus.

This industrial park means to be the project of the Century. You can judge yourself. It has an area of 91,5 sq. km and an exclusive legal status for its residents in terms of tax and customs conditions. Located only 25 km from Minsk, the capital of Belarus, the industrial park is highly convenient both for company management, and for its partners. However, the ultimate advantage of the project is the favorable location of the Great Stone industrial park for products distribution and sales.

As you know, Belarus is located just in the centre of Europe and has a strategically advantageous geographical position, so all the potential sales markets are close by. Investing here also means the access to the 183 million market of the Eurasian Economic Union with 0% customs duties, as Belarus is a member of the EEU. It has a convenient transport network including highways, railways and air links. The additional cargo aircraft runway in Minsk International airport adds to the transportation benefits. All this allows transporting your goods to their destinations within the shortest period of time. So, it makes Belarus the most optimal link between the CIS and the EU countries.

Although the project has only been starting it has really inviting prospects. Those who will invest in the first stage will be provided with unprecedented benefits and preferences:

- 0% Income tax, Land tax, Dividend tax, Immovable property gains tax

- 0% customs duties and VAT for components and equipment

- No currency control

- Visa-free regime for 180 days upon the application of the Industrial park administration

- No reference checks (only with the consent of the Industrial park administration)

- 99 years land lease with further acquisition and privatization possible

Such leading companies of China as Huawei, ZTE, China and others have already made their choice to become the Great Stone residents. All in all, more than 35000 residents from China, Europe, America and Belarus have been registered as the Great Stone Park residents so far. They call this project a Silk Way from China to Europe through Belarus. And that is really what it is.

Great Stone is a modern international eco-city with an emphasis on high-tech and competitive innovation productions. Exporting infrastructure makes it possible to provide millions of high standard goods and materials produced for European continent without excessive taxation and reasonable low period of time.

So, the Great Stone industrial park is worth investing to whichever way you slice it.

In order to provide the residents with comprehensive and luxury living conditions, construction of residential facilities has been started. Thousands of scientists, engineers and general labour work forces planning to join Great Stone project in the upcoming year. Finally, significant investments in Chinatown to support newcomers from Asia have been made and executed.