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Sport and Hockey Camps Opportunities for Summer and Winter Periods in Belarus

June 12, 2019

More and more parents all over the world are thinking of the opportunities for their children to continue training in summer/winter holiday periods. It is especially important for children having excellent results and perspectives of making a world-class competitive career.

Very often the problem is that there are no good Sport Camps within the country, or the price for such camps programmes is too high. So, parents need to search for good comps somewhere in other countries.

Belarus sports industry is fast developing. Such progress is explained by a number of factors among which are world-famous trainers - world-leaders in their sports, adequate demand on trainees’ part, and of course, welcome government opportunities.

One of the most promoted sports in the country is hockey. The advancing hockey standards in Belarus are the main priority for government nowadays.

This makes Belarus one of the best places for hockey camps aimed at hockey-players of any age and level. In Hockey Camps of Belarus special attention is paid to using modern training system which places great emphasis on technique rather than on speed and then builds upon that to help players get faster while being technically sound. It is important for a goalie who wants to dominate both to be technically sound and fast.

As the training system at hockey camp is very simple, it can be easily instilled in groups of beginner, intermediate, advanced and professional levels. The course includes: on-ice training, off-ice training and theory classes. Long experience has demonstrated that such training form is most effective in terms of final results.

Foundation of a good skating technique, good positional play, rebound control and a keen understanding of different game situations are the scope of knowledge and practice young hockey players will gain in the camp. On leaving the Camp students have the tools to be successful and the skills to improve themselves to play at the highest level. Experienced Belarusian coaches will be happy to share their knowledge with children from all over the world and assist them in polishing their playing techniques and skills.

Such great results are not a surprise. All coaches at international Belarus hockey camps are licensed and have a great professional experience in coaching. Besides, many of them have been playing in the NHL. So, training under the leadership of NHL-class coaches has been consistently bringing young hockey players to the next level and has earned an excellent reputation among professionals.

However Hockey/Sport camps are not only about training. While taking part in the training sessions offered by the program, participants have an opportunity to visit old quarters of Minsk and its modern parts, as well as to enjoy the beauty of Belarusian nature.

Belarus is situated in the heart of Europe, is well known for its history, sightseeing opportunities, beautiful nature, unique culture and cuisine. No wonder it is popular among visitors.

In addition, the cost for sport trips in Belarus is three times lower than elsewhere. This helps parents to save significant money when planning summer or winter holidays for their children. High pricing for sport services is really a problem for loads of young sportsmen in many countries. For example, millions of families in Canada, USA and Europe can’t afford professional Hockey/Sport camps locally due to enormous prices.

Still, Belarusian Sport/Hockey camps are not only about savings. It’s truly an excellent place to find new friends across the world, a special feeling and a lifelong reminiscence for any child.

All this makes sport sector one of the most inviting for investors.

Investing in Sport/Hockey Camps and tournaments in Belarus will attract many advertisers, media and TV, so the investors shall feel confident and expect high ROI. Overall, sport/hockey industry is a long-term investment bringing back high premiums every season.

Invest in one of the most promising investing campaigns in Belarus.