Hunting and Fishing in Belarus

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Hunting and Fishing in Belarus

June 14, 2019

Professional hunting and fishing in Belarus attracts thousands of tourists from around the world. Belarus is one of the best countries where you can enjoy it.

The country is well-known for its pure nature and great variety of species. Almost virgin forests and mild European climate create all conditions for a variety of wildlife, birds and fish.

Hunting and fishing trips to Belarus can combine both these activities and leisure time.

The country has always attracted hunters and fishermen from all over the world because these activities are affordable for anyone in Belarus.

Fans of hunting tourism are encouraged by the fact that almost all the year round it is allowed to hunt for more than 50 species of animals in the country. Among them are: deer, wild boar, hare, elk, wolves, partridge, geese, ducks, grouse and other animals. Moreover, hunting for the symbol of Belarus – European bison, the largest animal of the continent – is also permitted.

Besides, the total area of ​​hunting grounds is about 17 million hectares. True lovers of this activity have enough space for their favorite hobby in Belarus. Thanks to these advantages, many foreigners as well as amateurs of active tourism annually spend their holidays in this land of forests.

Belarus is also called a country of blue lakes. So, there are plenty of places for ultimate fishing here, too.

Beautiful views, privacy, quiet relaxation near the water attract not only local fishermen but those who come here especially for fishing. Here in Belarus one can find everything necessary for those who like camping with a fishing rod. A large number of fish are found in the reservoirs of the republic. The most common species are crucian carp, carp, pike, pike-perch, bream, and catfish.

Although a ban on fishing which depends on the seasonal spawning of certain species is imposed to preserve the fish population in rivers and lakes, amateur fishing in Belarus is allowed year-round.

Tourists coming for fishing can also take part in national fishing competitions held every second Sunday of July as it is the Traditional Day of the Fisherman in Belarus. Throughout the country, this weekend, there are usually competitions in fishing sport with a bait or spinning. The fisherman that catches the most wins.

So, no matter a hunter or a fisherman the person is he can obtain a license and enjoy his hobby in Belarus.

As you can see, the variety of hunting and fishing facilities in Belarus is great, and everyone can find a trip according to his interest. Unique nature of Belarus, the variety of animals and fish and experienced guides will make the hunting or fishing tour to Belarus an unforgettable experience!

As Belarus is located in the centre of Europe, the majority of tourists come from European countries. And the tourist flow of this type of visitors increases from year to year.

Is there any investing opportunity in this respect? Of course, there is.

Investors can bring hunting and fishing tourist industry to the new level and attract more tourists from every corner of the world.