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Medical Tourism and Healthcare as Perspective Investment Potential

June 15, 2019

Medical tourism is getting increasingly popular worldwide nowadays. Belarus is among the countries where medical tourism is successfully developing. It has been providing healthcare services to foreigners for a long time.

Foreigners often come to Belarus for a complicated surgery or in-hospital treatment. In recent years the country has proved to be one of the most promising medical tourism destinations in the CIS.

There are a number of reasons making medical tourism in Belarus popular and profitable:

- Highly-qualified medical professionals who get advanced training in the world’s best hospitals. English-speaking doctors and nurses;

- Exceptional quality of medical and nursing services and advanced equipment in hospitals;

- Cutting-edge medical technologies and progressive treatment methods;

- Reasonable prices for medical services;

- Convenient location of Belarus in the center of Europe and well-developed transport communication;

- Mild climate that does not require acclimatization and that contributes to faster rehabilitation.

Apart from improving the quality of medical services and efficiency of treatment, Belarusian healthcare facilities are constantly working to expand the variety of high-tech and sophisticated surgeries.

That’s the reason why Belarus holds a leading position in health and demographic indicators among the CIS countries and gets high respect of the global health community.

People from over 100 countries worldwide come to Belarus for medical services.

Cancer treatment, oncohematology, trauma treatment, ophthalmology, obstetrics and gynecology, oral medicine, neurosurgery, cardiology, heart surgery, speleo therapy, medical rehabilitation and other therapeutic areas are available for foreigners.

However, what makes Belarus most attractive both for visitors and investors is pricing for medical and healthcare services. For Instance, a patient can get 10 times more professional medical services for the same sum of money spent in Belarus than in the USA or Canada.

At the same time, living costs in Belarus are nothing to compare to those of the USA, Canada or Europe for people who need medical assistance 24/7. Here it is significantly low, and anybody can afford comfort living.

So, there’s no doubt that medical tourism in Belarus can become No. 1 in the world.

All the above mentioned makes medicine one of the best industries to invest in Belarus.

On the other hand, high demand from foreign patients from all over the world states a problem of their accommodation. Building luxury retirement houses is another way of attracting clients for medical tourism. And it gives more investment opportunities for the future.

Welcome to invest in one of the fastest growing economy sectors of Belarus.