Minsk International Airport

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Minsk International Airport

June 09, 2019

Minsk International airport (Airport Minsk-2) is a modern air harbor in the centre of Europe. It has an advantageous geographical location as it is located at the intersection of the most important air routes connecting Western Europe and the Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS). The airport is a member of Airports Council International.

After renovation it can accept any type of airplanes. So, the flights from countries such as Canada and the USA are can be also available now. Modern look and European style make time spent in this airport very comfortable for many visitors every day.

As you know, passenger air transportation is growing every year all over the world. At the same time, most airports are overloaded. For instance, in Toronto airport a plane lands every 2 minutes. And the European air harbors are no exception.

Such overload at the country’s airports can be reduced in case of passenger traffic flow redirection to other airports of Europe. And Airport Minsk-2 is an excellent option to accept part of the passenger traffic. Minsk International Airport provides the full range of airport services. Two runways equipped with modern lighting systems allow landing of any aircraft types in all weather conditions.

No doubt, this is a great investment opportunity in the aviation infrastructure segment.

Currently Airport is looking for investors to build international regular lines to USA, China, Canada, and other countries

The additional runway for any types of airplanes including cargo aircraft adds to the transportation opportunities of Minsk International Airport. It represents a complex of engineering structures including the concrete runway itself - 3.7 km long and 60 m wide, a high speed exit taxiway and cross-over taxiways, a load apron, aircraft parking stands, security checkpoints, and other infrastructure facilities. The estimated cost of its construction exceeded BR 395 million, and it was erected within 3 years. The new runway has been designated as 4F category. So, this gave the airport an opportunity to accept aircrafts of all types without any limitations in severe weather conditions. It has allowed carrying out flights on more than 40 international routes including Europe, Middle East, and other regions.

In addition, it is possible to initiate industrial lines in Airport Minsk-2. This allows for regular product transportation for the Great Stone industrial park project and the European Distribution Center – two fast developing and successful international projects on the territory of Belarus. Permanent access to railway station going directly from the airport to the center of Minsk facilitates to industrial traffic development, too.

And finally, Minsk International Airport can be expanded into a much larger airport if required.

All this makes it possible to travel and transport goods to their destinations within the shortest possible time and gives excellent investment opportunities to develop Minsk International Airport into one of the biggest air harbors of Europe.