New Minsk - the City of the Future

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New Minsk - the City of the Future

June 22, 2019

Minsk is one of the fastest growing cities in Europe with a population over 2 million people. According to statistics, the population of the city shows steady growth of 10 % every year, so there is a vital need of significant quality of life improvements for its citizens. And Minsk can afford this turn for the better. The fast growing middle class requires higher standard in living conditions and services, and people are ready for investing in Luxury property.

Millions of square feet of residential and commercial property will be developed in a short period of time. The construction is multi-purpose just as the needs of such a big city. The residential property includes: condominiums, houses, townhouses, apartments, retirement homes, whereas commercial property buildings are aimed for business, retail and industrial purposes, such as business centres, shops, warehouses, etc.

In addition, neighbourship with high-tech Great Stone industrial park and Silicone Valley is very attractive to businessmen from all over the world, while visa free policy gains significant interest of foreign tourists and immigrants to visit Minsk. As a result, there’s a growing need for new hotels for all types of visitors in Minsk. That is certainly a recursive long-term project and a stable type of investment.

The New Minsk project is all about innovation in construction and comfort living. Besides, special tax benefits and conditions from government provide no risk opportunity for smart investments.

Any large-scale project is a high revenue business, and no wonder it often needs special conditions to be successfully implemented which the government is ready to provide.. Among these are: 180 days visa-free entry, 0% Income tax, Land tax, Dividend tax, Property tax, and others

In such a way New Minsk can soon be New York or Toronto. Don't miss the opportunity to build the new City of the future.