New Wall Street in Minsk

Proposals for Investors & Lenders

June 07, 2019

Wall Street is a centre of the financial markets of the USA and one of the most affluent stock exchanges in the world having global impact on economics worldwide. Anchored by Wall Street, New York City has been called both the most economically powerful city and the leading financial center of the world.

Belarus is about to create the alike global project for the investors and to move on its economy.

New Wall Street Project in Minsk is planned to be created soon. It will be the next generation stock exchange and a new financial district in the centre of Europe. However, the Minsk stock exchange will be much more available than those of New York. It is aimed for any companies around the world including startups and small businesses. Such conditions can be undoubtedly called unique for many countries.

Whereas the companies in Canada, for instance, shall have a start-up capital of $1 million, and thus the number of its participants is rather limited, the players of the Minsk stock exchange are free to get into business with relatively modest budget.

At the same time, the financial strategies will also be different from usual. New Wall Street Project in Minsk to a greater extent is to be oriented on risk assets.

So, it will be a multi billion market with low initial cost, which makes it probably the most desirable project for the right investor.

Belarus is expecting the same effect of the economy boom as New York experienced with the Wall Street Stock Exchange bringing the city greater prosperity which came into its own as the nation's banking center connecting "Old World capital and New World ambition". This means a huge boom in business with excellent investment perspectives.

Such success is real and expected because of the exclusive conditions. They include a number of factors.

Firstly, there are minimum requirements for a company to be accepted in the stock market. While only companies with $50 million revenue can enter profitable stock exchange markets elsewhere, we can offer startup companies with $1 million revenue and growth prospects to start selling their stock in Minsk. Secondly, this project is actively supported by government.

Government support goes far beyond the laws. It includes such supportive measures as special rules for credits and loans, low taxation and the absence of currency control. All this allows for new banking system to appear in Belarus soon.

Boom-started and successfully operating New Wall Street Project in Minsk can as a result attract many major companies to play on this new stock exchange in the centre of Europe. It can be very convenient for the reason that they can cover the two time-zones: Euro-Asian and European ones. This means the opportunity of trading almost around-the-clock.

Another important issue is the investor-friendly changes in the stock exchange business. While it used to take 5-7 years from investing till profit withdrawal with further business depression, the newly created stock exchange is the best option for fast and high-moving investments. It is easy to invest in some company and gain a quick profit. Moreover, full support from government of Belarus guarantees the yearly Capital Gain tax of 0 %.

The investing companies get the quick access to vast resources, and small venture companies don’t need to get involved into venture capitals.

So, the New Minsk Wall Street Project which is expected to appear shortly in the centre of Europe proves to be a complete and developed market for investors from all over the world moving the local and international economics on and contributing to the country's prosperity.