Belarus "Silicon Valley" Hi-Tech Park

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Belarus Hi-Tech Park - one of the leaders among innovative IT clusters in Europe

June 17, 2019

Belarus Hi-Tech Park (HTP) is one of the leaders among innovative IT clusters in Central and Eastern Europe today and is a unique Silicone Valley around the world targeting only innovative technologies in science, medicine and engineering.

The attractiveness of HTP lies in a combination of the advanced technical education, innovative and highly qualified managers of IT companies, and the government support.

Belarus encourages students to take Technological, Science and Medical programs at Top Universities. More than 16,000 Belarusian IT students annually graduate from 52 universities which winning in the Olympic Games in programming and science every year.

Advantageous geographical location - only 2 hours by air from most European capitals – and exceptional government support helped the Hi-Tech to grow the capital to $2 billion only and raise the number of residents up to more than 500 companies in 2 years.

Speaking about the Technological Park outcome, 91.9% of the software produced in the Park account for exports. 49.1% account for the European countries, 44% – for the USA and Canada.

Government support plays a great role in new companies development. Special Law to promote software industry has allowed 35% of the HTP residents and enterprises to function with 100% foreign investments.

Such legal status and tax exemption zone with capital gain of 0% percent are relevant and available all over Belarus. Investors have multiple opportunities to support startup companies or established businesses through Silicon Valley.

Another bonus is that all Technological park residents are entitled to apply for a work permit without and limitation. That is why many companies are transferring their development offices from Canada and the USA because of taxes and High quality Human Resources.

However, that is not all. Making business in Belarus brings even more. Smart investments can work with no reference and currency check. Dividend tax is only 5%, plus there are no land, property or other hidden taxes.

Among companies already working in Belarus Hi-Tech Park are EPAM, Wargaming, WorkFusion and other.

So, new investors can register as the Belarus Hi-Tech Park residents for smart short-term investments with low risk and use all the privileges of the Park regardless of the Belarusian office location

Startups companies can also gain the advantages of educational, scientific, professional and infrastructural potential of the country to the full extent.

Welcome to be the investor of the Belarus Hi-Tech Park – one of the leaders among innovative IT clusters in Europe.