The Largest European Transportation System

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The Largest European Highway and Transportation System

June 21, 2019

Belarus is a quickly developing country with many major projects to be implemented within the upcoming decade. Among these are the largest in Europe industrial park (the Great Stone industrial park), a Silicon Valley, Chinatown, and rapidly growing city of Minsk, the capital of the country.

Quick creation of infrastructure as well as the development of local and international markets explain the need for highway network construction that will allow connecting the biggest cities of Belarus.

On the other hand, the Silk Way extends from China to Europe through Belarus. This means loads of goods arriving in Belarus both as transit, and for local consumption every day. In order to sort and deliver them to their destinations, the country is to create the biggest in Europe Distribution Centre which is expected to be built shortly.

City and road infrastructures are developing simultaneously, and it’s an absolutely growing trend, so the investors can feel safe about their long-term investments.

At the same time the number of vehicles is increasing fast. And Belarus is no exception, either. Thus, major project for highway network construction can be very helpful for the country allowing not only to expand the road network but also to resolve the problem of traffic jams in an efficient and innovative way.

The authorities are of course aware of the problem and take all possible measures to eliminate it. That is why there are special tax rules and other benefits for large investment projects in road construction.

All this means that miles of toll-roads to Europe are required and will be constructed within a short time frame.

Modern tendencies require creating thousands of miles of highways as soon as it is possible. And the government can hardly cope with such a global project only by its own means both in terms of time and costs. So, potential investors are welcome to participate in such a critical project for the country.

The investments to come will bring long-term profit as they are involved in government projects like private-public partnerships. These are government-supported projects with extra privileges and further right to collect road payments for years to come. No doubt, toll roads to Europe are excellent investment for 100 years.